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When Does Your Passport Expire?

If you’ve been procrastinating getting a new or renewal passport, it’s time to shift into high gear. Renewal times are much longer as the government is ramping back up after passport processing was stopped in the early days of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Pent up travel demand during the pandemic means a pending surge in requests for passports. The time to apply is now for a regular or renewal U.S. passport, which has a validity of 10 years. Please note, the standard U.S. passport only has 28 pages. Pro tip: ask for the 52 page larger passport — no extra charge.

Keep in mind that some country visas can take up a full page, and you want this passport to actually last 10 years without running out of pages. New U.S. State Department policies no longer allow for the insertion of extra pages. And remember, some countries won’t let you in unless you have at least two completely blank pages in your passport. So those extra pages can come in handy.

Before you forget, open your calendar and mark the expiry date for your passport (and those of your children/parents, etc). Now put a six-month reminder on that date - so in the future you know when to send it off for renewal before it becomes a costly, mission-critical emergency or worse, a vacation ruiner.


Olivia is honored to be part of the elite group of travel professionals who make up the Condé Nast Traveler Top Travel Specialists. She loves hotels and is passionate about the transformative power of travel. She started Nash Travel Management because her goal is to make your bucket list come alive! She is one of fewer than 250 agents worldwide who is a certified Virtuoso Wanderlist Advisor and is a charter member of Virtuoso's Sustainability Community. Olivia holds degrees from The Ohio State University, New York University and an MBA in Marketing and Strategy from Vanderbilt University. She, her husband, and two daughters reside in Nashville.

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