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It runs out.

There never seems to be enough of it.

You have every intention of sitting down and finally planning that bucket list trip, but you get busy, distracted and don't really know where to start. 

It's overwhelming! 

Then all of the questions start:

How long does it take to plan?

How much should I budget?

Where exactly do I want to go?

What if we also stop here or do this?

How do I get from one place to the next?

How do I trust on-line reviews?

You don’t want to just take the trip, you want to change their lives!

Virtuoso Wanderlist

Wanderlist is an innovative tool developed by Virtuoso, the world’s leading luxury travel network, that marries “Netflix-style” technology with my deep expertise as a travel advisor.  The platform helps you dig into your travel passions and marries that inspiration with dynamic financial information. 

A plan you can use.


Clarity Gained

Get clarity on what matters most to you and your traveling companions - from destinations to experiences. Do you know what your partner's travel dreams are? 


Budget Managed

On average, travelers overspend by 30% because they didn't plan or know how to budget for their trip! Now you can have a concrete idea of how much you need to make dreams a reality. 


Dreams Prioritized

Prioritize trips around your milestones and schedules. You aren't booking trips. You are planning, budgeting and holding the space thanks to your new-found clarity. 


Experiences Uncovered

While exploring and interacting with the platform, discover new and unbelievable ways travel can enrich your life.

 That's why you travel isn't it?


4 Steps to a            of Memories




Use the button below to schedule a video call where you will be walked through all the benefits Wanderlist offers and how to use the platform.



Sign up and start your 

"walk around the world" discovering and ranking 

destinations and experiences. More than maps, a virtual library of music, videos, books, other links, and more help you discover more along the way. You can change your choices - its dynamic!




Inside your personalized travel portal you to can easily immerse yourself in each destination’s culture, history, wildlife, attractions and local life. You can deeply connect with your travel passions AND compare them with your family's!




Once you are happy with your discovery and curation, we have another meeting* to craft a travel plan that combines your priorities with variables like seasonality, personal schedule, life milestones and budget. 

*until further notice all meetings will be virtual, via Zoom for Google Meet

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