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Frequently Asked Questions

How is Nash Travel Management different from other travel agencies? Living in France during formative high school years, Olivia had the rare opportunity to travel the globe and experience destinations from a very young age. Later, working as a product marketing manager in the tech industry she built on this experience to refine her collaborative approach we now utilize with our clients to design creative, engaging and meaningful travel, while pulling together all of the components to create an itinerary that runs with ease and precision. Responsible, sustainable tourism is personally and critically important to us. This means partnering with suppliers who invest in local communities, which is at the core of each itinerary we design. We believe transformative travel happens when travelers connect with the right people in authentic, organic places. We are uniquely skilled at managing complex and complicated logistics to make each travel experience run smoothly. We work with a small cadre of clients, who believe, like we do, that travel is transformative, educational and restorative. We get to know our clients inside and out! We listen to each client’s travel dreams, big and small, and turn them into personalized trips that are unique - just like they are. Over fifteen years spent forging our strong networks and personal relationships with the best travel providers the world over give our clients access to the best: guides, drivers, and travel experiences. As a Conde Nast top travel specialist for Over-The-Top travel, Olivia understands the complexities and desires required for proactive care and planning for each project.. Our team's personal experience coordinating complex multi-country itineraries and unique hands-on-experiences sets us apart from other travel agencies. When a client requests something they saw in a dream for their family, our goal is to make it come alive.

Do you work with anyone / everyone? We work with a small group of discerning travelers and families who value a long-term relationship with a detail-oriented travel team who designs bespoke leisure travel especially for them. We want to make sure we are the right fit for our clients, and that they are the right fit for us. We only take new clients when we believe we can add value and enhance their travel experiences. Our consulting fees are based on the trip complexity, duration, and number of travelers. Please see our rates for an overview. When working with us on a trip, we focus not only on the physical details of your trip but also the “feeling” you want to come away with afterwards.

Do you have a minimum trip spend for custom itineraries? We specialize in seamless and unique custom travel itineraries across the world. The cost to have this experience varies and is dependent on destination, length of trip, number of travelers and whether any touring is done privately or as part of a small group. Not including airfare, most of our clients’ custom itineraries generally start at $1000 - 1300 USD per person per day. These are the rough starting points from which we can provide the most value to your trip and leverage our highly vetted travel partners, and vary based on destination, time of year, and number and kinds of services.

How long does it take to plan a custom trip? A number of factors determine the amount of time it takes to plan a trip from the initial discovery call to booking the last elements, including: how far in advance of the trip you’ve contacted us; the complexity of the itinerary; how many countries (and suppliers) we are coordinating with across the globe; and any changes you decide you’d like to make after a proposal has been approved. Our How We Work page provides a general idea of the planning process. Sometimes events out of our control may result in a delay (an emergency from a currently traveling client, for example). We ask for your understanding when the need to take more time arises.

When my proposal arrives, are the trip costs broken out as discreet line items, or will it be one price? Many of the world’s best suppliers and tour operators negotiate confidential rates with their individual partners, and are contractually unable to break down costs for us when pricing a customized touring itinerary. Our partners work with us to tweak the initial touring itinerary based on budget or desired pace of travel, but they cannot legally share the individual negotiated rates of tours, drivers, or in some cases even hotels, with us. We vet our suppliers thoroughly and only work with those whom we know are committed to negotiating fair prices for incredible experiences for our clients. Should you prefer a proposal that has pricing broken out by line item, please let us know in the discovery call. We can discuss how this may impact the planning process.

Do you require travel insurance? No, but we absolutely recommend it. Example: Do you have a loved one with an appendix? Would you need to be present in an emergency appendectomy? Most of the custom itineraries we plan require a final, nonrefundable payment several months prior to departure. We all understand how events such as unexpected natural disasters to terrorism attacks to you (or a loved one) getting ill prior to or during travel, can scuttle the best laid plans. We firmly believe it is too big of a risk not to purchase insurance to cover your investment. As part of our trip proposals, we include quotes through our preferred agency so you know you are covered. You can also quote and purchase your trip insurance using the Hotel Booking tab in the navigation bar above. If you decline travel insurance coverage, we will ask you to sign a waiver stating you have decided not to purchase this coverage.

What is your change / cancellation policy? Canceling a trip is never what anyone wants to do, however any change or cancellation is time consuming to unravel, and results in unrealized income to compensate us for our time and knowledge poured into a custom itinerary (generally paid after time of travel to us by suppliers). Nash Travel Management’s change and cancellation policies are *in addition to* any third party supplier (e.g. hotel, cruise ship, guiding company) and are provided at time of booking.

Will you help book my travel using points and/or miles? While we do not book with points or miles (this is not our area of expertise and generally voids any partnership benefits we could offer), we are happy to work with you to make appropriate recommendations where applicable. Additional fees will apply.

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