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What is Nash Travel Management?

We are a boutique travel company that brings together curated content, an engaged and connected network from all over the world, and the ability to book customized travel with experts. The unique approach we take to our trip planning ensures our clients experience remarkable trips they cannot plan or dream of on their own.

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Why should I use you?

We design personalized journeys for our clients, offering unique access to places, guides, and upgrades. When you join our travel community, you’ll benefit from our exceptional service and preferred partnerships with top hotels and travel suppliers. Your bucket list will come alive like never before, ensuring 

memories for a lifetime, stress-free execution, VIP amenities and partner perks and invitations to Insider Journeys and exclusive events.

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What kind of trips can you plan?

We are a one-stop travel resource for all your trip planning needs. We approach each trip - whether it’s a weekend in New Orleans, a honeymoon in South Africa or an expedition around Cape Horn - as an opportunity to introduce you to destinations and experiences that are suited to your taste. Trips include, but are not limited to: family, romance, long weekend, adventure, once-in-a-lifetime, honeymoons, sabbaticals and celebrations.

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Do you have a speciality?

Our specialty is creating complete itineraries that might include:

  • Hotel Reservations

  • Private Touring

  • Special Experiences

  • Restaurants

  • Private Transfers

  • Specialty Cruises

  • Barge / Yacht Charter

  • and more!

We are particularly knowledgable about all things luxury. While we don't specialize in specific countries, you can see certificates and partners here.


What is the benefit of booking with you?

Planning a dream trip can be overwhelming and time-consuming. It can leave you wondering if you are missing out on some of the most life-changing experiences. Doing your own research and booking can leave you feeling stressed, confused and disappointed.

Working with Nash Travel Management will alleviate that stress, save you time and provide access to un-Google-able experiences. You will feel confident that your time and money will be well-spent and your trip will be incredible.

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What about hotels?

You will receive preferred rates and VIP amenities at hundreds of hotels and resorts around the world. You’ll gain access to special partner promotions, hotel benefit programs , complimentary breakfasts, room upgrades, and more. We work with hotels directly to find you the best rate, promotion or package.

The Power of Partnerships cannot be overstated. Not only do we partner with the best of the best, we forge relationships with small boutique properties and suppliers on every continent.

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Why are your hotel rates sometimes higher than other websites?

Some online rates do not include taxes or city fees or require pre-payment and have strict cancellations terms. Additionally, many online booking companies buy blocks of rooms from the hotels, often times the least desirable rooms, and do not offer VIP amenities, which is why their rates may be lower than ours in some cases. If you ever find a rate that is lower than one we quote, let us know and we should be able to match it*.

*VIP amenities will likely not apply.

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What if there is no availability at the hotel or resort I want?

Planning ahead is crucial.

If we are unable to secure a reservation at your preferred hotel, we will advocate on your behalf and leverage our powerful relationships to prioritize you on the waitlist.


Given the strength of our partnerships, we are frequently able to succeed in these situations. In the meantime, we will research alternative, comparable hotel options or propose other destinations.

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Do you help with all aspects of a trip?

Yes! Complete itineraries, including hotel reservations, touring, special experiences, restaurant reservations, transfers and more are our specialty. We also book yacht charters and villas with complete itineraries. We will check in with you during your trip to make sure your itinerary is running smoothly, and you will have an on-the-ground team wherever you are that you can reach 24/7. 

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Do I need to book my hotels with you to work with you?

It is our preference. This allows us to provide a holistic experience to you, apply our VIP amenities to your hotel stay and keep all trip details organized. Should anything go wrong on the ground, our strong relationships with our partners will help us have the agility to make requested changes. If you have already booked your hotels, we might be able to take them over.


I'm a last-minute planner. Can I still work with you?

Yes, however, we are better able to secure our top guides and hotels with ample lead time. Given the labor-intensive nature of last-minute requests, there may be an additional fee for trips requested within six weeks of departure.


Can I use my loyalty points when working with you?

Unfortunately, we cannot book with hotel points.  However, your booking with us can earn you points with your preferred hotel group.


Do you offer group trips?

We bring people together on life-changing group trips called Hosted Journeys. These are group trips carefully crafted and mindfully mapped; curated around different passion points, and feature esteemed partners and collaborators from around the world. We announce first to our existing clients, then to our community and should places remain, we post them on our Hosted Journeys page.


What is the process to work with you?

1. Schedule a call by selecting a time that is best for you.

2. You will have a phone or video call with Olivia where she will learn more about the "why" you are traveling as well as the "where". Your passions, your expectations, your bucket list and even your dislikes will influence all recommendations.

3. After the initial call, if both parties wish to work together, there will be a project initiation charge - much like working with your financial advisor, interior decorator or architect. A fee-based service ensures we are working for you and not a hotel, resort or cruise line.

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