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Beyond meticulously curated itineraries lies a world of unparalleled, transformative lived moments – a world unlocked by Nash Travel Management. We haven't simply traveled the globe; we've immersed ourselves in it, forging deep connections with the hospitality elite and unearthing the hidden gems reserved for those who know where to look.

More than advisors, we're your travel confidantes, your trusted experts navigating the ever-evolving travel landscape, ensuring you maximize your investment and minimize stress. Expert trip management takes center stage, freeing you to simply savor the journey.

Our dedication goes beyond planning, it's about crafting memories. Let us unlock the doors to a world of unparalleled luxury and life-enriching experiences.

Custom Itineraries

This fee is your investment in unparalleled luxury. It's the key to unlocking a world where every moment resonates with personalized perfection. It covers research and booking for all aspects of the trip: hotel, guides, experiences, transfers, and access to your custom itinerary via our travel app. It does not include air travel.*

*Should clients wish to book air travel through Nash Travel Management, we work with air experts who provide this service and charge additional rates for air reservations. 


**Rates are set after our initial consultation call, once the scope of the trip and the amount of research and work involved are understood. Changes to any custom itinerary after a proposal has been approved will incur a $250 per person per change fee.

Starting from $250 per person**


Late booking supplement (within 90 days of travel): starting from $600.00**

Hotels & Resorts

Do you know where you want to go and are ready to book? Feel free to contact us with details so we can reserve everything for you and get you all those amenities you love. In our industry, we are unique in that we do not charge booking fees for processing hotel only requests. You can either submit a Travel Inquiry or you self-book your hotel reservation with our Virtuoso Booking Portal. 

We reserve the right to charge Professional Fees in the following cases when we handle the booking for you:

  • Last-Minute Booking: $75 fee, per room reservation*

  • Cancelation/Change: $50 fee, per room reservation**

​*This fee applies in the event you use the travel inquiry route within 7 days of travel.
**This fee applies in the event you request to cancel or postpone your trip.

Hotel only is without fee.


With research (one destination), $125 per booking

Concierge Services

For those who wish to include concierge services for bookings we have made, we can assist with managing dining reservations, spa appointments, tee times, hotel activities, etc.

This service is optional. We are more than happy to connect you directly with a hotel concierge so you may book these services directly.

$500 for up to seven bookings

All fees charged for services by Nash Travel Management are non-refundable. For all other partners involved in your trip (hotels, guides, cruise lines, etc.) you are responsible to adhere to their individual cancellation policies which we outline in our quotes. We highly suggest protecting your investment with travel insurance to help protect you from the unexpected. Nash Travel Management reserves the right to modify these fees at any time.

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